Who We Are


I am Emma and I am the owner of this site. Poodle Buddy offers tips and advice for caring for your pet based on real-life experiences. PoodleBuddy.com is run by TEAM of Dog Lovers and experienced freelance writer and researcher.

Our Goals are

  • Share information about dogs’ health and wellness that is up-to-date and relevant.
  • Come up with new ideas for helping dogs and their owners.

About the author

Emma Olson
Emma Olson

I am Emma Olson love dogs so much, especially poodles. I have a miniature Poodle named Olive. Pets are my passion and I work in the world of corporate pets. I have two dogs. I worked at three different pet stores for about six years total (and now volunteer at my local animal rescue). I love animals very much! While waiting for their forever homes, I like to volunteer to provide them with care in my spare time.

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