Best Dog Toys for Boredom: Top Picks by Vet

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Keeping your dog entertained can be a challenge, but it’s important for their mental well-being.

If you find your pup getting bored easily, it’s time to explore the best dog toys for boredom. Interactive toys that stimulate both mind and body are ideal.

One great option is the Sniffiz SmellyMatty Snuffle Mat. This ingenious toy combines the fun of foraging with the satisfaction of treats.

As your dog uses their nose to search the mat and uncover hidden food puzzles, they’ll stay mentally engaged for far longer than with standard toys.

The SmellyMatty is sure to become a favorite for combatting boredom in an enjoyable and enriching

Top Dog Toys to Entertain and Banish Boredom

Discover playthings that engage your dog’s mind and provide a perfect mix of mental stimulation and physical activity, suitable for indoor or backyard fun.

The best dog toys for 2024 are:

Sniffiz SmellyMatty Snuffle Mat

Sniffiz SmellyMatty Snuffle Mat

Your dog will thank you for the endless fun and mental stimulation this snuffle mat provides, not to mention the convenience of throwing it into the wash after playtime.


  • Tailors to your dog’s sniffing needs with adjustable difficulty levels.
  • Offers a variety of treat hiding spots for long-lasting engagement.
  • Crafted to be both durable and machine washable for easy maintenance.


  • A more determined dog may find a way to tear into the fabric.

Your furry friend’s boredom doesn’t stand a chance with this Sniffiz mat—it’s designed to challenge and entertain them through hide-and-seek play that’s both fun and calming. It’s effortlessly washable, ensuring every sniffing session is as fresh as the first.

Nylabone Power Chew

Nylabone Double Bone

Your dog won’t even notice you’re gone when they’re happily gnawing on this tough Nylabone Power Chew.


  • Effectively redirects destructive chewing
  • Uniquely designed to help maintain dental hygiene
  • Bacon flavor is thoroughly enticing for your pup


  • Only suitable for dogs up to 35 pounds

Recently, my dog tested the Nylabone Power Chew and was thoroughly captivated. Its bacon flavor enticed her immediately, and I noticed how the ridges were effective at keeping her engaged.

When she finally plopped down to rest, the Nylabone seemed hardly worn – proof of its durability. Moreover, her breath was fresher, hinting that the nubs were indeed promoting better oral health.

It became clear how this chew toy helps prevent bouts of boredom, keeping her occupied even when I was busy elsewhere in the house.

BOTTOM LINE: If you’re seeking a strong chew toy to keep your medium-sized dog entertained and support dental health, Nylabone Power Chew is a solid choice.

Outward Hound Extra Bones

Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Extra Bones

Enhance your pup’s playtime with these ingenious extra bones that fit seamlessly into Outward Hound Nina Ottosson’s puzzles, keeping your furry friend mentally stimulated.


  • Encourages mental stimulation, offering a captivating challenge that keeps dogs engaged.
  • Versatility across several puzzle games, ensuring longevity and renewed interest.
  • Constructed to withstand your pup’s inquisitive nature, these bones prompt longer, interactive play sessions.


  • Not suitable for pups with a strong chewing habit; supervision is essential to ensure safety.

WHY WE LIKE IT: These extra bones from Outward Hound are a nifty, must-have addition for pet parents looking to refresh and extend the life of their current Nina Ottosson puzzles.

With their ability to test your dog’s solving abilities, they ensure a mentally enriching experience that you’ll find indispensable in your dog’s toy repertoire.

iFetch Ball Launcher

iFetch Ball Launcher

Your lively pup will love the independent playtime they get with the iFetch Ball Launcher, perfect for indoor energy expenditure.


  • Enables dogs to play fetch even when you’re busy
  • Adjustable distance settings cater to different play spaces
  • Encourages mental and physical exercise in pets


  • Might have a learning curve for some dogs

Engaging your furry friend indoors just became easier with this compact and nifty device. Not only will it give you some well-deserved rest, but it will also keep your pet thoroughly entertained and active.

WHY WE LIKE IT: It’s a smart way to stimulate your dog’s body and mind without continuous direct involvement, turning a potentially dull day into a fun-filled fetch session.

Hyper Pet Doggie Pal Monster

Hyper Pet Doggie Pal Monster

Your dog will be thoroughly entertained by this Hyper Pet Doggie Pal Monster, making it a solid choice for active play indoors.


  • Creates vibrant and unpredictable movements that captivate your dog.
  • Helps alleviate your pet’s anxiety and boredom with interactive features.
  • Comes with the convenience of included batteries for immediate fun.


  • The on/off switch may be a challenge for some to operate.

BOTTOM LINE: The Hyper Pet Doggie Pal Monster offers lively entertainment and a workout for your dog, but be prepared to finesse the switch.

West Paw Zogoflex Tux

West Paw Zogoflex Tux

Your dog’s boredom is no match for the West Paw Zogoflex Tux, providing sustained entertainment with its treat-dispensing feature.


  • Robust construction withstands vigorous chewing.
  • Mentally stimulating design keeps your pooch engaged.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.


  • Some determined chewers may bite off pieces over time.

In your quest for a toy that can outsmart and outlast your dog’s endless energy, the West Paw Zogoflex Tux emerges as a strong contender. Its ability to hide treats gives you the perfect distraction tool.

Not only does it survive rough play, but its buoyancy adds a splash of fun for water-loving pups.

Cleaning up after your dog’s drool-filled playtime is a breeze with this dishwasher-safe gem.

Babble Ball

Pet Qwerks Talking Babble Ball

Your dog won’t be bored with the Babble Ball; its quips and sounds keep the fun going.


  • Stimulates senses with over 20 different sounds
  • Automatically turns off when playtime ends, saving battery life
  • Tough for lasting play, even with enthusiastic chewers


  • Can be noisy on hardwood floors

Your dog will love the interaction the Babble Ball offers, sparking curiosity with a variety of engaging sounds—it’s a toy that can keep even the most spirited dogs entertained. Although designed to withstand rough play, it stays relatively quiet, turning itself off to conserve energy when not in use. The Babble Ball’s banter might fill your home with extra noise, especially on hard surfaces, but it’s worth it to see your dog happily occupied.

BOTTOM LINE: The Babble Ball ensures your furry friend is entertained, offering a mix of durability and sound stimulation with smart features like energy-saving auto shutoff.

KKLUU Snuffle Mat Adventure

KKLUU Snuffle Mat Adventure

Your dog will adore the KKLUU Snuffle Mat Adventure – it’s a puzzle and a treat, wrapped in one charming package.


  • Intriguing hide-and-seek design enhances mental stimulation
  • Includes 11 squeaky carrots for interactive play
  • Machine washable for easy maintenance


  • Only available in one size
  • Might not suit extremely aggressive chewers
  • Carrots may require reshaping after unpacking due to vacuum compression

Engaging your pup with KKLUU’s Snuffle Mat Adventure is a joyous experience.

As soon as you spread out the soft mat, the transformation of your living room into a mini carrot farm is remarkable.

The smile on your dog’s face as they excitedly dig for hidden squeaky carrots is truly priceless.

The smart design of this toy means your four-legged friend gets to exercise their brain and body. Who knew watching your dog sniff out treats could be so delightful? Plus, it’s comforting to know the organic cotton and elastic sponge are keeping playtime safe.

Putting away the toy is just as pleasant. Each carrot detaches easily, and tossing the mat in the washing machine is all it takes to have it looking like new.

This toy doesn’t only fight boredom; it doubles as a cozy nap pad for your pooch post-play.

XIUGOAL Interactive Toys


Your dog’s tail will wag with excitement as they explore the sounds and textures of the XIUGOAL Interactive Toys.


  • Durable reinforced plush suitable for enthusiastic play
  • Engaging design with hidden treat pockets and squeakers to captivate your dog’s interest
  • Can double as a dental chew to improve dental health


  • Not ideal for aggressive, heavy chewers

The XIUGOAL Interactive Toys come as a welcome addition to any playful pup’s arsenal. As I watched my dog interact with these toys, it was clear they offered more than just entertainment. The variety of activities, from treat-seeking to tug-of-war, kept him thoroughly engaged. The soft texture even seemed to soothe his urge to chew, redirecting him from household items.

Despite their strength, these toys aren’t meant for every dog. If yours chews like a tiny beast, they might not hold up. But for moderate chewers, they are a joy. The sounds keep pups intrigued, and you’ll rest easy knowing there’s no stuffing to clean up.

BOTTOM LINE: The XIUGOAL Interactive Toys are excellent for keeping your dog entertained and mentally stimulated, as long as they’re not a toy destroyer.

KKLUU Squeaky Carrots Dog Puzzle

KKLUU Squeaky Carrots Dog Puzzle

Your dog will love the KKLUU Squeaky Carrots Dog Puzzle for its engaging design and the fun it offers during playtime.


  • Encourages active play and mental stimulation with a challenging hide-and-seek concept.
  • Easy to clean, with machine-washable parts and durable materials.
  • Constructed for safety with non-toxic fabrics, ensuring play without any hazards.


  • May not be as challenging for extremely intelligent or larger dogs due to size.

With the KKLUU Squeaky Carrots Dog Puzzle, your pet’s boredom is a thing of the past. The adorable carrot designs are a hit, and they squeak for added excitement.

Thanks to its interactive nature, your dog gets both physical exercise and mental challenge, essential for a well-rounded furry friend.

The puzzle is easy to set up, allowing your dog to start sniffing out treats in no time. Plus, it’s a breeze to clean, just detach the carrots and toss them in the wash.

The only downside might be for those genius pups out there who need an advanced level challenge — they might solve this puzzle quicker than others.

BOTTOM LINE: This toy is a solid choice for keeping your dog entertained and engaged, though it might not challenge the canine Einstein of the dog park.

Buying Guide

Consider Your Dog’s Size and Chew Strength

When selecting a toy, your dog’s size and chewing strength are vital. Larger breeds typically need durable toys that can withstand aggressive chewing, while smaller breeds may prefer softer, smaller toys.

For Small Breeds:

  • Softer materials
  • Smaller dimensions

For Large Breeds:

  • Robust materials
  • Larger dimensions

Think About the Type of Play

Different toys cater to various play styles. Whether your dog likes to chase, tug, or solve puzzles will guide your choice.

Play StyleRecommended Toy Type
ChasersBalls, Frisbees
TuggersRope Toys, Tug Toys
ThinkersPuzzle Toys, Treat Dispensers

Safety Features Are Key

Ensure the toy is free of harmful chemicals and small parts that could pose choking hazards.

  • Materials: Non-toxic and durable
  • Construction: No small pieces or sharp edges

Understand Your Dog’s Interests

Observe which toys your dog naturally gravitates towards. This will ensure the toy you choose will keep their attention.

  • Observation: Recall past toys your dog has enjoyed
  • Preference: Cater to those observed interests

Engaging Features

To combat boredom, look for toys that stimulate your dog mentally and physically.

  • Mental Stimulation: Puzzle toys requiring problem-solving
  • Physical Activity: Toys that bounce unpredictably or can be chased


In this section, you’ll find answers to common questions about alleviating your dog’s boredom with suitable toys.

How do I stop my dog from being bored when alone?

To prevent your dog from becoming bored when alone, provide a variety of interactive toys that challenge their mind and stimulate their senses. Puzzle feeders or treat-dispensing toys can keep your dog occupied for extended periods by rewarding them with treats for their efforts.

What is a good toy to keep a dog busy?

A Kong Classic toy, when filled with peanut butter or kibble, can keep your dog engaged for hours. Also, automatic ball launchers are excellent for dogs that enjoy fetch and need regular physical exercise.

What toys to get bored dogs?

For bored dogs, consider the following options:

  • Squeaky toys: to cater to prey-driven dogs who need auditory feedback.
  • Chew toys: for dogs that need to gnaw to relieve stress or maintain dental health.
  • Interactive toys: like sliders or flip boards for mental stimulation.
  • Tug toys: to help with interactive play and to burn off energy.
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