How Often Should A Poodle Be Bathed? (bathing guides)

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Poodles are considered to be one of the smartest breeds, and they also have an adorable curly coat. Bathing your poodle is a very important part of grooming to keep the poodle’s skin and coat healthy.

Unfortunately, many people don’t know how often poodles should be bathed.

Bathing poodles also depends on whether you own a pet poodle or own a show poodle.

Poodles should be bathed once every three weeks. If you take care of your poodles properly. 

Don’t do it aggressively, give some rest for the next bath, bathing too much will dry your poodle’s skin.

Why does a Poodle need to Bathe?

As you know poodle skin releases a small amount of natural oils which helps the poodle moisturize and protect the skin, as time passes some oil remains on the skin and dirt start to accumulate in the skin as oil doesn’t evaporate, therefore after 3 weeks time skin pores clogged and debris and dirt such accumulated in the skin and poodle start to smell bad. Then you should bathe your poodle.

But if you’re not sure whether or not your pup needs a bath, there are some other signs you can look for: 

Does their fur seem greasy? 

Do they smell like urine?

Does it seem like their ears might need cleaning out?

Then you should bathe your poodle.

But there are a few other factors that can make your pet need more bathing than others.

For example, if you live in an area with high humidity, your poodle will start to get oily and greasy (especially around the ears). Or maybe you have a long-haired Poodle who likes to roll in the mud every chance he gets. If so, then he’ll probably need at least one bath per week just for general hygiene purposes! 

Obviously, this is only a guide because some dogs may be more active than others and require less washing overall while other breeds might require weekly baths just to keep them clean and neat.


How Often should a standard poodle be bathed?

That depends on the dog, but typically once every three or four weeks or so. Some dogs need more frequent bathing because they get dirty faster than others. For example, terriers and schnauzers will usually require regular baths while Shih Tzus and Poodles may only need one every three weeks. Other factors that contribute to how often your pet needs to be bathed include its breed, hair type, diet, and environment. In any case, you should always monitor your dog for excessive odor or dirt accumulation which might warrant a bath sooner rather than later.

How Often should a Toy or Mini poodle be bathed?

It depends on how dirty they are and what type of coat they have, but in general, it’s recommended that you bathe your pup once every two months or as needed if their fur becomes oily or smelly. 

How often should you bathe a poodle puppy?

The frequency is once every three weeks.

Can I bathe my poodle puppy once a week?

No, You should not bathe your poodle once a week. Give them some rest after the 1st bath.

Can I bathe my poodle puppy twice a week?

Bathing a poodle too often can lead to health or skin problems. A dog’s skin has a natural protective layer of lipids, so you should bathe it once a month. You will lose this layer if you bathe them excessively, so bathing them too much is not recommended.

But poodle needs to be groomed every 6 weeks.


A poodle needs to be bathed once every three weeks. However, if a poodle is a show dog or has oily skin you may need to get them professionally groomed more often. This will help keep their coat healthy and smelling fresh.

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    • When a dog has pancreatitis, it is generally recommended to limit bathing and grooming as much as possible to avoid stressing the animal. Bathing can cause stress and anxiety, which can make the symptoms of pancreatitis worse. Therefore, it is best to avoid bathing your poodle until he has fully recovered from the condition.


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